Suomi 90 Finland Anniversary Year 2007

Finland gained independence on the 6th of December 1917. The Parliament Act adopted already in 1906 created Finnish democracy:  universal suffrage gave all adult Finns the right to vote and stand for election.

The logo ME! (WE!) of the 90th anniversary year refers to the full range of 'Finnishness' − original Finns, historical minorities, newcomer Finns and expatriates.

Over the centuries, Finns have developed the Finnish way of life, which we are now celebrating. With the WE! spirit Finland has gone from strength to strength. The anniversary logo encourages all Finns to continue working and doing together.

A key aim during the year will be to undramatise Finnishness and cherish it above all as a vigorous, dynamic force looking forward to the future.

Finland 90 themes

The themes of the anniversary year spring from different aspects of Finland and Finnishness. There are six themes: history and future; nature and summer; language and culture; music; design; sport and physical activity.

The numerous Finland 90 partners will arrange activities and events around the themes.

A Joyous Quarter for Independent Finland on 5 December 2007 at noon

On the eve of the Independence Day, on 5 December 2007 at noon, all of Finland will dedicate a moment to celebrate independence. This "Joyous Quarter for Independent Finland" will give every Finn and friends of Finland a shared experience of independence celebrations.

The Joyous Quarter is an anniversary celebration with a difference: it is a festive rather than a solemn event. Everyone celebrates wherever they are at that moment: at school, at work, at home, at an old-age home, at a day-care centre, in a car, in the street, in a shop, in the market place…

There are certain shared elements in the Joyous Quarter, such as a congratulatory song to Finland. It is also hoped that each community arranges a programme its own.


In January 2006 the Prime Minister's Office set up a delegation and a committee to prepare and implement the Finland 90 year. The delegation is chaired by Minister of Culture and Sport Stefan Wallin and the committee by Permanent Secretary Harri Skog of the Ministry of Education.


Dr. Ritva-Sini Merilampi, Secretary General, Ministry of Education
tel. + 358 - 9 - 160 77 234

Ms. Liisa Ranta, Prime Minister's Office
tel. + 358 - 9 - 160 22 018

Ms. Jenny Broberg, Prime Minister's Office
tel. + 358 - 9  - 160 22 045

Ms. Marianne Österberg, Ministry of Education
tel. + 358 - 9  - 160 77 437


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